Modern Day Annes: Christina Hendricks

I am a big fan of AMC’s hit TV series, Mad Men. And one of my favorite characters in the show is Joan Holloway, played by the beautiful and curvy Christina Hendricks.

from LA Times Magazine feature (July 2010)

I like Christina Hendricks because 1. she’s really good at her job: acting, 2. She’s a redhead and redheads are generally interesting and 3. she has this curvy body that is to die for. She’s like pure woman! But why is she a modern day Anne Shirley? It turns out that Hendricks is a natural blonde and died her hair red because of Anne of Green Gables.

Here’s an excerpt of her Q&A with LA Times Magazine:

You’ve said you started dying your blond hair red at age 10. How exactly did you sell that choice to your folks?
They did it to me! I was obsessed with the Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables. I decided I was Anne of Green Gables. There was something that spoke to me about her, and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair. So my mother said, “Let’s just go to the drugstore and get one of those cover-the-gray rinses!” My hair was very blond at the time, but it went carrot red. And I was over the moon. I went to school the next day and felt like myself. And then I went back [to that color] over and over again. What a cool mom, right?

Read the whole interview and feature on Christina Hendricks here.


6 responses to “Modern Day Annes: Christina Hendricks

  1. what a cool mom! i don’t think my mom would ever have agreed.
    i love the part where she said she felt like herself when she had carrot-red hair.

  2. Nakakatuwa naman ito 🙂 I haven’t watched an ep of MadMen, but I like this Christina Hendricks 🙂 She’s very pretty ha, and I can’t imagine her hair any other way.

  3. I didn’t know this! Ang galing! I’m so glad I found this blog, I’m such a huge Anne Shirley fan haha. There’s always one in my rotation of reads (I reread my old books to death, but the Anne series in particular). I’m following your blog now haha!

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