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I am a 20-something reader/writer from the Philippines. Anne Shirley was first introduced to me when, as a nine year old, a missionary friend gave me a paperback copy of Anne of Green Gables for my birthday and gave me the next books in the series  as birthday and Christmas gifts.

Anne Shirley was a character I found easy to identify with — despite living in different eras, continents, and climates. In Anne Shirley, I found someone who was like me: unbelievably talkative, imaginative, smart but not exactly free from getting into scrapes, and in desperate need of kindred spirits who understand her.

I’ve reread all eight of the Anne books numerous times. It’s kind of a tradition to go through it every year. And with each rereading, I still find something new that I didn’t see or understand before.


5 responses to “About the blog author

  1. Hi Ms. Blog Author, I witnessed how you voraciously read those Anne Shirley books while in church. Curiosity won the best of me and I am forever grateful to you for introducing me to a character I too have come to identify so closely with. From one kindred spirit to another, my friendships with persons of the race that knows Joseph were never the same again..and all because of Anne, spelled with an “e”.

  2. I found your site whilst searching for a photograph of Anne’s carpet bag on display at Green Gables. There used to be a time when I’d be writing to a kindred spirit (who’s also Anne-crazy) about being in an untoward situation and I’d just sigh, “I wonder what Anne would do to get out of this mess…” I spent my early 20s in the teaching profession because of her. I wouldn’t say that I’ve outgrown Anne. Priorities just change and it’s one of those things when one day you wake up and realise you are thinking of the time when you could read Anne of Green Gables to your daughter 😛

    Good luck on the project, magsulat ka pa sana ng marami!

    • Hi! I am so sorry that I only read your comments now. Thank you so much 😀 I appreciate the note.

      • Thanks for your reply, hope you get to update this blog! I’m revisiting the stories through the Kevin Sullivan production of the ’80s. Have you seen them? Megan Follows is Anne personified. I also realised I’ve been really lucky to follow Anne’s path in any way I could – teach, get published, get a scholarship (though not in Canada, but Europe) and find my very own Gilbert Blythe 🙂 I’m also Filipina like you and I do understand it when you say how she influenced you.

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